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Wellness Scan & 2 Individual Trainings At Jesse James Fit 
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The Wellness Scan is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
This 60 second test will measure...
Segmental Body Composition Assessment
  • Body Mass Index
  •  Fat Mass
  •  Fat Free Mass
  •  TBW (Total Body Water)
  •  Intra Cellular Water
  •  Extra Cellular Water
  •  Visceral Fat
  •  Basal Metabolic Rate
Stress And Fatique Assessment
  • Stress Level
  •  Fatigue Level
  •  Assessment and Preventation of Overtraining
Microcirculation Assessment
  • Microcirculation Markers In Upper and Lower Limbs.
  •  Arterial Stiffness Index
  •  Dynamic Monitoring of Cardio Training
Vertebral Assessment
  • Assessment score of the neuromuscular conductivity level for various segments of the spinal column
Cardio Assessment
  • Determination of Biological Age
  •  Assessment of Central and Peripheral Hemodynamic Indicators
Comprehensive Wellness Score Assessment
  •  Integral Welness Score
  •  Endurance
  •  Efficiency
  •  Phsysical Performance
In addition, you will receive 2 Individual Trainings At Jesse James Fit 
A VALUE OF FOR $350. (FREE For 10 Winners) 
Jesse James Leyva
President & Elite Trainer
Jesse James Fit & Outlaw FitCamp
Changing and TRANSFORMING lives and families is what Jesse is all about. Passion, discipline, hard work, and love have shaped Jesse’s fitness career; and he has instilled these into thousands of clients over the years. Because all aspects of wellness are important and connected, Jesse coaches his team of trainers to help all clients realize that they can do much more, beyond what they ever thought possible, by teaching them to appreciate the small changes made every day to yield success.

As an expert in the fitness industry for more than 15 years, Jesse recognized the need for a fitness facility environment where people could be people and have a sense of belonging, regardless of age, size, shape, or goals. He responded to this need by creating an experience that focused not just on firm muscles, but on a healthy body, mind, and change of lifestyle. His uncompromising love for people and their well-being, with high energy and personalized attention, has escalated into a place unlike any other fitness establishment.

Jesse is a master of exercise technique and training methods. He has developed a unique, efficient system of fitness training that guarantees results SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY, which has helped him build one of the top personal training studios in the country.